Let BBQ become part of you your life

“WILLIAM LISA” is named from the founder’s name, William and Lisa. They are husband and wife, both come from Taiwan.
They experience and go through thick and thin for over 30 years. Depend on their hard-working, talent for BBQ research and development, they obtain many BBQ patents and international certifications. Based on these approvals, “William Lisa” become the leader in BBQ manufacturing (BBQ suppliers) and receive authorizations from famous international brands, as a manufacturer for BBQ grill and BBQ accessories.

Traveled the world, they found that BBQ culture not only the lifestyle and enjoy leisure time in Europe and America, but also an important communication between families and friends.
Taiwanese love BBQ, but traditional simple BBQ appliances reduce people’s desire, food scorch easily and the smoke harm the environment a lot.
Now we pay much attention in the taste of live and the protection for environment. William and Lisa hope the joyful, healthy, and environment protection in other countries can bring into Taiwan. They are still working for it.

WILLIAM LISA - Let the world know Taiwan
WILLIAM LISA – Let our life more wonderful

Elite BBQ Grill Made In   Taiwan

Golden Peak Award
Selection Golden Hand Award For Outstanding SMEs
D&B Top 1000 SMEs Elite Award

-European certification – CE and CSA award
-Made in Taiwan – All stainless steel materials from Taiwan
-Patent design – Easy use makes BBQ easily and healthy
-Multiple BBQ Functions – With BBQ rotisserie set, you can roast whole chicken at home simply